Tillers’ Staff Off to Madagascar

madagascar-map3Today, Dick Roosenberg and Dave Kramer leave for Madagascar to initiate a 4 year food security project funded by ADRA, or the Adventist Development and Relief Agency.  They will be visiting several rural communities, assessing soil conditions and performing field tests with K2 Rippers and Planters.  Besides training ADRA staff and farmers in the manufacture and use of the tool, they will also be exploring available materials and resources (i.e. metal shops) for its ongoing production.

IMG_4264Over the past few days (and this morning) Dave has been cutting a K2 prototype into pieces in order to fit it into his luggage.  Upon arrival, the pieces will be welded back together and their work will begin.  Depending on what materials are available, the K2 design may require modification for Madagascar.

This is the first of three visits over the next 4 years.  By the end of this project, we hope that Malagasy small-holders will benefit from this ox-powered tool, which is the product of the collaborative efforts of our domestic, Ugandan, and Mozambican staff and our Amish friends at Pioneer Equipment.

Please contact us if you are interested in supporting this or other similar projects in which Tillers is involved.


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